Yellow Scorpion with Ephedra 27mg and Acai

Yellow Scorpion
Yellow Scorpion
90 Caps

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Yellow Scorpion with ephedra 25mg is a true eca stack with its compination of ephedra, caffeine and white willow bark.

Yellow Scorpion diet pills are the perfect solution for fast weight loss and also great for individuals who are looking to boost their energy levels!

Burn fat quickly and get extreme energy with this fast acting formula! It is the most insane and powerful ECA Stack!

Yellow Scorpion by Hi-Tech contains 25 mg Thermo-Z™ brand ephedra extract and is designed to compare to the original Yellow Jackets® that were in every convenience store in the country at one time.

Are you ready to start cutting your weight down?  Cutting is one of the toughest parts of getting a well defined body.  You are happy with your muscle tone but know you need to lose that excess fat in order to show them off!

Here is a brief overview of the most important Yellow Scorpion ingredients:

Ephedra Extract (Ephedra sinica) - Is a member of the family of herbs known as the Ephedracae. American ephedra, native to the dry southwest, was used as tea by the early settlers, and was known as "Mormon tea" and "Squaw tea."

Ephedra contains two alkaloids, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. Ephedrine, the main constituent, stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. It has valuable antispasmodic properties, acting on the air passages by relieving swellings of the mucous membrane. Ephedra is often combined with caffeine, guarana and other ingredients to improve its effectiveness. These chemicals are found to suppress the appetite and increase metabolism.

Caffeine Anhydrous acts as a stimulant and thermogenic and is commonly taken to boost energy or mental concentration. It stimulates the central nervous system and the metabolism. Once metabolized, caffeine can increase lipolysis in the body. It may also increase the effectiveness of other substances such as ephedrine.

White Willow Bark (aspirin) - active ingredient has a synergistic effect when combined with Ephedra to promote the thermogenic process. White Willow Bark has been shown to be an effective addition to widely used herbal weight-loss supplements.

Green Tea Extract - contains chemical compounds called polyphenols, specifically the epigallocatechin (ECGC), which act as powerful antioxidants. This helps to maintain the integrity of arterial cell walls. Using tea extracts allows for the standardization of the polyphenol content; the assurance that a consistent concentration of these compounds is in each dose.

Acacia Rigidula - the alkaloids from the Acacia rigidula are biologically and physiologically similar to those found in ephedra, and possess properties that are shared with ephedra alkaloids. The most powerful of these alkaloids is phenylethylamine. It is responsible for effects on mood, appetite and sense of well-being. It is one of the strongest and most effective thyroid stimulating compound in the world. This compound is truly a scientific breakthrough in the world of fat loss and fat burning.

Theobroma CoCoa - A small tree that produces cocoa pods that are fermented and after a long process, packed and sold as chocolate products. The flavanols found in these cocoa pods have been proven in studies to have positive effects on vascular health. In addition, recent research has found improvements in blood circulation and the ability of arteries to dilate, a decrease in the body’s inflammatory immune response and oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Cocoa is believed to surpass even garlic as a protective antioxidant food. And, it just tastes so darn good!

Phenylethylamine HCL - Commonly referred to as the “love drug” because of it’s effect on beta endorphins, an opioid peptide responsible for pleasureable feelings. It’s also the chemical found in chocolate giving it it’s well known aphrodisiac effects.

Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange, seville orange and synephrine) - bronchial dilator, and is used medically to treat chest congestion and indigestion, stimulate gastrointestinal functions, and improve circulatory and liver functions. It’s regularly used in combination with diet pills and weight loss formulas. It’s also used as a substitute for ephedrine and caffeine, since it increases the metabolic rate without affecting heart rate or blood pressure.

Chromium Picolinate - is formed by the combination of the element Chromium and Picolininc Acid. Chromium picolinate is a breakthrough in glucose and fat metabolism, weight loss and management of high blood pressure and cholesterol. Chromium picolinate reduces sugar and carbohydrate cravings. It also suppresses the appetite, which is how it can help lead to weight loss.

Yohimbe - has long been known for it’s aphrodisiac effects, but is now more commonly used for the treatment of obesity and erectile disfunction in animals. It has appetite suppressant qualities, which would decrease overall energy intake in those lean and obese who take it. Yohimbine works by blocking the alpha-2 adrenoreceptors. This is important because it increases blood flow in adipose tissue, which prevents fat from being retained in that area. The stubborn fatty areas for men and women are where you will find an abundance of alpha-2 receptors, making it particularly effective in these areas.

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Yellow Scorpionis here and is putting the rest of diet pills on hault. There a plenty of Ephedra weight loss pills out there but none compare to this potent fast acting, diet pill. To blast off that holiday weight.

Yellow Scorpion does fat burning and does it well!

Directions To Use Yellow Scorpion

Simply take one pill, three times daily to see the best results.  Do not take more than four capsules in a 24-hour period.

Yellow Scorpion Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 90

Active Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Proprietary Blend:
Ephedra Extract 25mg (leaves),
Kola Nut Extract (Caffeine 200mg),
White Willow Bark (Aspirin),
Acacia Rigidula (leaves),
Greaan Tea Extract (leaves),
Phenylethylamine HCL,
Citrus Aurantium Extract (25mg synephrine),
Chromium Picolinate,
Yohimbe Extract (bark)

Yellow Scorpion Warnings and Side Effects

Yellow Scorpion is not suggested for individuals below the age of 18. Also not suggested for pregnant women or when nursing a newly born baby. Please consult a physician before using the product if you have, or have a history of, heart disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, recurrent headaches, depression or other psychiatric condition, glaucoma, difficulty in urinating, prostate enlargement or seizure disorder, constipation or if you are using a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) or any other dietary supplement, any prescription drug or over-the-counter drug containing ephedrine, pseudoephedrine or phynelpropoanolamine. If you try to exceed the recommended serving size, there won’t be any improved result, and it may cause serious adverse health effects.

You may discontinue the use of the supplement and consult your family physician in case you experience any inability such as problems related to heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache, shortness of breath or similar symptoms. “IMPROPER USAGE OF THIS PRODUCT MAY BE DANGEROUS TO A PERSON'S HEALTH”. In case of accidental overdose, call a physician or a poison control center immediately for treatment and necessary action.