Xenadrine RFA-1 With Ephedra

Xenadrine RFA-1
Xenadrine RFA-1 120 Caps

Replaced with
Megadrine RFA-1

Xenadrine RFA-1 is one of the most popular weight loss and fat control products from Cytodyne. Most of the people have experienced positive weight loss with Xenadrine RFA-1 across the world and it really works well.

Xenadrine RFA-1 is supported by a groundbreaking clinical trial that has clearly documented Xenadrine's phenomenal fat burning/muscle sparing effects. Xenadrine RFA-1 is the first and only thermogenic diet product that has been clinically proven through a double-blind placebo controlled study to stimulate rapid and dramatic fat-loss while sparing lean muscle.

Xenadrine RFA-1 is a wonderful product, but it's really nothing new in it. Product is based on the same standard ingredients found in any decent fat burner on the market today. That includes Ma Huang (standardized for ephedrine), guarana (for caffeine), bitter orange (for Synephrine - similar to ephedrine but with subtler side effects), and white willow bark (salicin).

Xenadrine RFA-1 replaced with Megadrine RFA-1

How Xenadrine RFA-1 Works?

The Xenadrine RFA-1 is a blend of thermogenics and using ephedrine, which comes from the Chinese herb Ma Huang. Using thermogenics in fat control and weight loss is not new to the world and has shown good results.

Cytodyne introduced Xenadrine RFA-1 after a great research and comes out with the common combination of ingredients which finally shown excellent results in the form of customer satisfaction and sales. This product also contains Proprietary Thermo Synergist Blend, consisting of L-Tyrosine and L-Carnitine (amino acids), plus Fisetin, Magnesium Phosphate, and DMAE.

The Canadian version of Xenadrine RFA-1 will vary slightly due to various government policies dealing with the regulation of such supplements. The packaging is all the same, but the ingredients used are different. Although some of the ingredients in the Proprietary Thermo synergist Blend have some benefits as weight loss agents, the foundation of this product lies in the ephedrine/caffeine/aspirin stack that has been used by bodybuilders for ages.

Xenadrine RFA-1 Directions To Use

Xenadrine RFA-1 dosage has to be increased gradually, upon checking on how your body accepts the drug. Initially to start with a single tablet, and if your body adjusts to the tablet, then it is recommended to increase the dose to two tablets per day. Consequently one can take up to three tablets per day, of Xenadrine RFA-1. It is not advised to take more than three tablets in a twenty four hours span.

Xenadrine RFA-1 Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 60

Active Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Bitter orange 85mg
Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) 40mg
Ma Huang Equivalent to 20mg of Ephedrine 335mg
Guarana Extract 910mg
White Willow Bark 105mg
Ginger Root 50mg
Proprietary Thermo Synergist Blend 225mg

Xenadrine RFA-1 Warnings

This product is not suggested for those suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, thyroid, liver diseases etc. Xenadrine RFA-1 is often marketed as on over the counter decongestant. Xenadrine RFA-1 is not for people with anxiety, depression and difficulty in urination due to the enlargement of the prostate. On starting Xenadrine RFA-1, if you experience any dizziness, sleeplessness and tremors, then it means that the drug does not suit you. You will then have to stop taking the drug, and consult your health care practitioner.