Lipostat (Drenilean) with Ephedra 10mg

Lipostat 100 Caps

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Pharmicore had launched Drenalean earlier and now the company has launched Lipostat which is the Ephedra based effective dose containing the terrific Trio – Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin yielded from White Willow Bark forming the ECA magic.

The ECA Stack is most effectively working on fat loss, suppressing appetite and enhancing metabolism levels and is believed to be unique of its kind. The medical description for Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin Stack is the most effective combination used by the people has proved that the formula with ECA administered for just six weeks reported the average weight loss of the stunning 9.2 pounds that is 613 per cent more weight loss than that of the placebo groups and 426 per cent more weight loss in a week’s time frame when compared with the group of patients who had tried the United States’ best dietary supplements.

This did not require observing any prescribed dietary plans or not even required to be supervised either. This is the way the new wonder formulation known as the Lipostat is working on weight loss.

Lipostat Can Create Wonder:

The active ingredients of the magical ECA stack as described above when took in the recommended dosage during the day have reported to help enhance fat loss by stimulating the metabolism in the body. Let’s hope that you have the best nutrition plan working for you now. The Lipostat stack is believed to posses the anti-catabolic properties which enable you to lose much lesser muscles during the dieting plans.

How Does the Lipostat Stack Help Your Body?

The Lipostat Stack is not designed for the general public it has the ingredients that help converting the calories from the food intake in to the energy instead of fats. For over hundreds of years it has been proved that Ephedra or Ephedrine are the best thermogenic compounds of its kinds. When these are combined with the aspirin – the white willow barks – and caffeine in the required ratios its effects are synergistic. Such a compound enhances the body temperatures, promotes mental alertness and helps the body to burn more calories in comparison of any of these compounds singularly.

Lipostat Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 100

Active Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Herbal ephedra free formula Alkaloids 10 mg
Caffeine 200 mg
Acetylsallicylic 200 mg

The Label Claim of Lipostat: Suggested dose of 1 pill with plain water from dosage plan container of 100 pills.

Some side effects by the Lipostat Stack worth noting in general:

The Lipostat tablets are not recommended for the pregnant women, patients of high blood pressure, heart disease, liver or thyroid disorders, diabetics, anemic, persons with nervousness or hyper tension, enlarged prostate gland or anyone taking MAO inhibitor drugs for depression or appetite suppression should avoid Ephedra or Ephedrine containing compounds. It should be kept in a place beyond children’s reach.

“Lipostat is fantastic”