Original Lipodrene Lite With Ephedra & Hoodia

Lipodrene Lite
Lipodrene Lite 100 Caps

Discontinued by manufacturer

Lipodrene Lite is the diet supplementary preparation in the tablet form formulated from the clinically tested and proved ingredients that make it the strongest American Diet Support. It is only Fat Burner having Appetite Suppressant known as Hoodia Cactus in it.

The completely new formula of Lipodrene Lite provides the exclusive results:

  • Total weight loss of up to nineteen per cent of the body weight,
  • Enhances the Metabolic rate by seventy-six point nine per cent even without any physical exercises
  • Overall fat reduction between 40 to 70 per cent of fat in between the skin and the muscle tissues and Abdominal fat loss between 20 and 35 per cent.

The Unique Fat Burner with Hoodia Cactus:

Lipodrene Lite is considered the best fat burner of the United States that has the most unique combination of the two wonderfully effective herbal ingredients like Ephedra and Hoodia Cactus compounded together. The Ephedra has been proven the best fat burner and the Hoodia Cactus is most effectively suppressing the appetite and also burns the calorie intake and thus makes it the best available dietary supplement plan in the markets today.

The Dosage Of Lipodrene Lite

Start the diet supplement plan with smaller dose and working out as per the instructions printed on the label claim of the containers. In order to get the best possible results of Lipodrene Lite it is recommended separate dose measure for different people according to their specific body weight brackets:

  • For persons weighing over 150 pounds: Initially half a tablet is suggested an hour after the breakfast and lunch. Then regularly 1 tablet after one hour of breakfast and 1 more tablet one hour after the lunch.
  • For persons weighing below 150 pounds should take half a tablet after one hour of breakfast and half a tablet after one hour of lunch.
  • For persons weighing less than 120 pounds: are suggested to use only one quarter of the tablet.

Lipodrene Lite Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 120

Active Ingredients Amount Per Serving
Sida Cardifolia Leaves Extract – 10mg Ephedrine group Alkaloids 167 mg
Acacia Rigidula 70% as Thermo Rx Leaves  
Caffeine Anhydrous 100 mg
Phenylthilamine Hcl
Green Tea Extract Leaves
Hoodia Gordonii Extract as Hoodia Pure – Cactus
Theobroma Cocoa Extract
Cassia Nomane Plant
Yohimbe Extract Bark
Naringen Fruit
6-7 Dihydroxybergamottin Fruit

Lipodrene Lite Warnings

The US District Court Judge Tena Campbell at a Utah Court has just recently passed the order directing the US FDA to carry out a dose- dependent study of poison before enforcing ban on the use of herbal product – at and above – the level at which it is found to product toxicity. However, the maximum dose of Ephedra based diet supplement must not exceed 10mg per dose at a time.

The Lipodrene Lite tablets are not recommended for the pregnant women, patients of high blood pressure, heart disease, liver or thyroid disorders, diabetics, anemic, persons with nervousness or hyper tension etc. It should be kept in a place beyond children’s reach.

“Weight Loss Fight with Lipodrene Lite”