Taurine (L-Taurine) in Diet Pills

Taurine Powder
While many natural acids begin with “L-“, and synthesized forms are denoted “D-“ the amino acid taurine is different from most. Because it does not polarize, both names are correct. Taurine is the same form as L-taurine.

Found in meats and seafood, Taurine was discovered by Germans and so named because it was found in oxen bile. Taurine can be depleted with heavy exercise. You can also become low in taurine if you are a vegetarian.
Important in the development of skeletal muscles, Taurine can allow weightlifters to enjoy a full and enhanced cut look.

Taurine increases the hydration in the muscles as well as transports glucose (sugar) into muscle cells.

This boosts the volume of the cells and creates the full muscular look.

During workouts and sports, Taurine increases blood flow to the muscles, improving circulation and performance. Taurine also decreases muscle soreness and fatigue after workouts.

 Strenuous activity such as bodybuilding, sports and exercise can produce a condition called oxidative stress, a condition where you produce free radicals above the ability to neutralize them. An anti-oxidant, Taurine can detoxify your body and neutralize free radicals that can increase your risks of disease such as heart disease, cancer and cell damage. You will quickly recover from any stress brought on by the exercise.

Taurine has been shown to decrease cholesterol levels in the blood.

In a 2003 study, young overweight participants supplemented with Taurine showed both a decrease in cholesterol levels as well as a loss in body weight, significantly more than the control group.

Taurine helps your body break down fats

Taurine helps your body break down fats, fat soluble vitamins as well as control cholesterol levels. The Journal of Biomedical Science states that recent results ‘ strongly imply that Taurine plays an important role in reducing fat deposition by modulating cellular pathways for lipid accumulation and stimulating mobility..’

Taurine may reduce your blood pressure

Research is indicating Taurine may reduce your blood pressure as well as improve the effectiveness and force of your heart’s contractions, allowing greater blood flow and strengthening the heart muscle. 

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