Sida Cordifolia in Diet Pills

Sida CordifoliaSida Cordifolia is a shrub from the mallow family. It is also known as country mallow or flannel weed. It propagates and is found around the world. Cordifolia is named after the heart-shaped leaf of the plant.

Sida Cordifolia has been used is Ayurvedic medicine, alternative traditional medicine in India for over 2000 years. Many of its medicinal uses include treatment for inflammations, asthmatic bronchitis and congestion (nasal). Ayurvedic medicine also used Sida Cordifolia for nervous system ailments, treatment of wounds and muscle ache relief. A significant bronchodilator; it opens up the airways and makes breathing less difficult. 

Sida Cordifolia Stems Contain Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine

 Many different parts of the plant have medicinal uses. While the leaves can be used as a powerful anti-inflammatory, other parts of the plants have uses, such as the seeds. It was discovered in 1930 that Sida Cordifolia stems contain ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. These are normally seen in the Ephedra plant, treasured for its medicinal purposes for over 5000 years. This discovery, found by doctors in India, prompted them to begin using Sida Cordifolia as a heart stimulant and as treatment for fatigue.

Sida Cordifolia Suppresses Appetite and Promotes Thermogenesis

For anyone dedicated to a healthier body, Sida Cordifolia knows no match. Containing both ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, Sida Cordifolia allows great relief against hunger cravings. In addition to the thermogenic benefits of increased calorie burn, Sida Cordifolia increases blood flow to the muscles and heart. This is useful for weightlifters and athletes. In prompting increased energy levels, Sida Cordifolia propels harder workouts as well as much needed stimulation for those looking to lose weight or fat.

Researchers have discovered Sida Cordifolia has a unique ability to affect glucose. In our bodies, sugar levels (glucose) are very important. Studies conducted in both 1956 and 1999 indicate Sida Cordifolia has a significant ability to lower blood sugar in the body. This may help to reduce the storage of fat within fat cells.

Build-up of harmful molecules in your body is known as oxidation. This can produce free radicals. Free radicals damage the body and can lead to very serious diseases. To remove these free radicals, in essence “clean” the body, anti-oxidants are helpful. Many foods contain anti-oxidants. The extract of Sida Cordifolia, is proving to have potent anti-oxidant effects as well.

While Sida Cordifolia has many positive uses and benefits, more continues to be learned about it every day.

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