Kola Nut Extract in Diet Pills

Kola Nut
Kola nut extract is obtained from the Kola tree, growing in tropical countries and known especially for its stimulant and energizing effects. Often recommended in weight loss diets, this extract bases its efficiency on the high concentration of caffeine it contains.

Rich in antioxidants, tannins and oils, kola nuts were found to be effective in treating or ameliorating the symptoms of migraine, reducing headaches, improving breathing and relieving cough. Used as antidepressants due to their action on the nervous system, extracts obtained from kola nuts bring the same benefits coffee does but are not addictive so they’re considered a healthier alternative.

How kola nut extract works for weight loss

Kola nut sustains weight loss through its appetite-inhibiting effect, resulting from the bitter taste of the natural extract. By reducing cravings for oily and sweet foods, products containing kola nuts promote healthier eating habits and prevent weight gain. Taken on a regular basis, this extract also regulates digestion by stimulating the secretion of gastric juices, so it’s very helpful in keeping hunger pangs away.

Kola nut extract has a thermogenic effect, meaning that it accelerates thermogenesis and fats metabolism, enabling the body to burn higher amounts of fats for generating energy. The natural product supplies almost instant energy and boosts physical alertness, so it can be successfully used before workout sessions, for building stronger muscles.

By speeding up the heart rate, combating fatigue and enhancing the mood, kola nuts promote a more active lifestyle and a healthier attitude towards physical activities and foods. Extracts obtained from kola nuts keep away negative thinking and stress, both linked with weight gain, so they lead to a slimmer overall appearance in time.

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