Folic Acid in Diet Pills

Folic Acid
Folic acid or folacin is a B vitamin that plays a crucial role in the formation of red blood cells, being involved in the normal functioning of the nervous system at the same time. All the regenerative processes inside the body require this vitamin, as the substance is responsible for the normal reproduction of cells.

Found in leafy veggies, in dried beans, fruits, nuts and peas, folacin needs to be constantly supplied to the organism because of its water soluble character, which prevents it from being stored into the body’s cells. Folic acid deficiencies are linked not only with major birth defects but also with an increased risk of hypertension, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

The strong connection between one’s weight and an adequate intake of vitamin B9 recommends it as a great addition to any weight loss regimen, although scientific data suggests excessive amounts of folacin may trigger certain health issues. 

How folic acid works for weight loss

Involved in the normal functioning of all cells and tissues, this vitamin is absolutely essential for the conversion of fats to energy as without it the organism can’t properly break down lipids to glucose. When the body doesn’t receive enough glucose from foods, it needs to turn to its own reserves for producing the much needed energy and these reserves are the stored fats.

But lipolysis can’t take place normally when the body doesn’t have enough folic acid to metabolize fats so the lack of this vitamin favors the accumulation of excess lipids, contributing to weight gain.

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