Evodiamine (Evodia Rutaecarpa) in Diet Pills

Evodia FruitEvodiamine comes from the unripe reddish fruit of the Evodia Rutaecarpa, a tall tree in Korea and Northern China.  It is an alkaloid and has been used since the first century A.D, in Chinese medicine for weight loss, pain, and many illnesses.  Also called simply ‘evodia,’ both the bark and fruit of the tree are used medicinally. The bark of evodia is used to expel tapeworms and pinworms. However, it is the fruit that provides the majority of beneficial uses.

Known in China as wu zhu yu, the fruit Evodia is described as having a ‘hot nature,’ although it has no taste whatsoever. Evodia is compared to capsaicin (cayenne pepper) because of the similar effects. The fruit can be dried, taken fresh, or as a supplement, extract or powder.  It is recommended to have 1.5 to 5 grams of evodia a day for benefits.

Evodiamine Stimulates Metabolism through Thermogenesis

Evodiamine is a strong proponent of weight loss because it raises the body temperature, in turn stimulating your metabolism. A process known as thermo-genesis, the higher calorie burning allows your body burn fat and unwanted weight at a faster rate. Evidence suggests this process of thermo-genesis, or fat burning, can help you lose up to three times more fat compared to diet and exercise alone. Due to the fat burning effect, evodia also increases muscle definition, providing a ‘cut’ look.

Evodiamine Boosts Endurance Levels

Evodiamine is a stimulant, providing energy to the body. This energy increase can provide substantial motivation for those beginning an exercise regimen, as well as for those wanting to lose weight. Evodia boosts endurance levels, promoting longer and more productive work outs. Coupled with fat-burning properties, this increase in energy provides key ingredients for weight loss.

Evodiamine has been used for centuries by the Chinese. Because it is relatively new to the rest of the world, its Western profile in the scientific community is still trying to catch up, and confirm the many benefits evodia has long been used for. Research in both China and Japan have found that in studies with animals, those given evodiamine that were fed a high-fat diet actually lost weight, rather than gaining it. 

Evodia has been used by the Chinese herbalists for centuries to decrease pain and inflammation. Repetitive motions such as those from lifting or exercise could be soothed by these properties. Researchers in Japan have found evodia may help inflammation and pain in animal studies. These properties came from compounds that were extracted from dried evodia fruit. Researchers believe these compounds are able to block pain receptors, providing pain relief.

 Research indicates evodia may decrease the body’s ability to store fat. Evodia has also shown great promise in the areas of stroke and cancer research, and is proving capable to prohibit infection growth as well as stimulate the heart without raising pressure.

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