Cassia Nomame in Diet Pills

Cassia Nomame
Also called the fishbone cassia, this plant is found in many areas in the East, as well as South America.  The entire plant is used medicinally, including the stems, leaves and seeds.

Cassia nomame affects the way our bodies handle fat

Cassia nomame is particularly useful as a proponent in weight and fat loss because of its unique abilities to affect the way our bodies handle fat.

Your body is constantly attacked by free radicals, from your own metabolic processes as well as those from the environment such as pollution. Free radicals can greatly increase your risks for disease. Flavanoids are antioxidants and biochemicals that protect your body against these free radicals; hence, against cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

Flavanols are a type of flavanoid - and Cassia nomame contains these flavanols. This makes cassia nomame a powerful tool in your body’s fight against disease and even premature aging. Flavanols also are very helpful because they bind to alpha-2 receptors. These receptors are mainly found in the thigh and buttock area, drawing the fatty acids from each fat cell. 

Cassia nomame is a lipase inhibitor

This means it is able to drastically decrease the amount of fat that is absorbed into your bloodstream. Cassia doesn’t stop everything from being absorbed, only fat. The important fat-soluble vitamins are still readily absorbed, allowing your body the vital nutrients necessary for its energy resources. 

 Cassia nomame is able to block the absorption of fat into your bloodstream by impairing the enzyme that makes fat breakdown possible. So these fat molecules remain whole, and your body does not even gain calorie content from them. They continue through our system and are eliminated as waste.

Lipase inhibitors are proving significantly effective in the weight loss area. Many double blind studies conducted in both the US and Europe tested thousands of people. Reports are showing lipase inhibitors block up to 30% of the fat ingested. Studies at PKU China report a 28% inhibition of fats (lipase) absorbed.
 While there are synthetic lipase inhibitors that have been produced, cassia nomame has several natural lipase inhibitors. Interestingly, these natural lipase inhibitors are proving to be as effective as those produced synthetically.

Cassia nomame is also a natural diuretic which causes thermogenic response in your body. Your increased metabolic rate raises your temperature and burns calories at a higher rate, allowing both fat and weight to be lost. 

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