How to Choose the Right Ephedra Diet Pill

Choosing Ephedra Diet PillsChoosing the right Ephedra pill can be an overwhelming task with all the alternatives available on the market but you can ease the process by following some simple rules that will enable you to choose the best product for your fitness and weight goals.

Ephedra pills are meant to accelerate your metabolism and thermogenesis in order to help you burn fats easier and get the maximum results with or without increasing the time spent in the gym but not all weight loss products based on this ingredient are made equal. This is why it’s essential to identify the most important features of these energizers before choosing one to include in your diet.

So here are our pieces of advice for choosing the right Ephedra pill:

1. Look for pills containing Ephedra extract or Ephedrine

There are several plants used today by fat-burners producers as replacement for Ephedra, lots of them described as magical ingredients able to trigger dramatic weight loss. Still, if you’re curious to see what scientists have to say about these substances and you do a little research, you’ll see lots of them are insufficiently tested so we can’t say for sure whether they’re able to bring the claimed results or not!

On the other hand there are sufficient reports and studies sustaining the weight-reducing, stimulant and energizing effects of Ephedra extract, Ephedra Sinica, Ma Huang, Ephedrine, Ephedrine HCL and Ephedrine sulfate. These names define similar substances, the differences between them being given by either their concentration in active principles or the technology used in the manufacturing process.

So if you want to make sure you get what you pay for, stick with products that contain the previously mentioned ingredients and stay away from weight loss supplements incorporating Ephedra leaves, Ephedrina, Alkaloids or other strange sounding compounds.

2. Check the amount of Ephedra per serving

If you already used fat-burners containing Ephedrine or Ma Huang extract, you surely noticed there are different concentrations of active principles incorporated in these pills. So the second rule for choosing the right Ephedra pill says you should always check the amount of Ephedrine in a product before purchasing it.

If you’re a beginner it’s better to opt for lower concentrations, such as 10 mg to 30 mg of Ephedra per serving, just to make sure you avoid potential side effects.

We recommend to try Black Mamba, Lipodrene or Green Stinger.

But if you’re an experienced gymgoers or a professional body builder using these pills for increasing mass and keeping fats away, you can opt for product incorporating 35, 50, 65, 75, 100 or even 150 mg of ephedra extract per serving.

The strongest is Hellfire EPH 150.

As a general rule, the amount of Ephedrine taken per day should be adapted to your weight, height and to the number of pounds you want to lose. If you’re a big guy with lots of excess pounds or interested in putting on lean muscles for a competition, a higher amount of Ephedra will do it but if you’re a lady with a rather petite frame it’s better to stick with lower doses.

3. Choose diet pills with proven results

Rule number three for choosing the right Ephedra pill says you should always choose the pill that’s proven to work. Don’t go with the most expensive products only because they’re costly and avoid choosing your weight loss supplement based on the number of strange sounding ingredients it contains.

Less is more so keep it simple and opt for ECA stacks containing the three ingredients proven to turn any weight loss product into an explosive combination for fat breakdown: Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin. Working synergistically, these ingredients keep you energized and focused the entire day.

Ephedrine is proven to enhance the metabolic rate therefore it accelerates weight reduction and enables your body to destroy calories with higher speeds. Caffeine acts on the nervous system, increasing mental and physical alertness and improving your concentration and clarity. Aspirin improves the blood flow and speeds up the muscles recovery process, helping you overcome tiredness after intense workouts.

Not the newest but proven and effective products are: Lipodrene, Green Stinger, Black Mamba, Ultimate Burn, ephBurn 25, Black Widow 25, High Octane 100.

4. Analyze your body issues and needs and choose the Ephedra weight loss pill accordingly

If your belly looks a little chubbier than usually and love handles destroy your otherwise athletic figure, perhaps it’s time to opt for a weight loss pill with appetite suppressing ingredients, able to curb your sugar cravings! Yohimbine and Hoodia are the best compounds when it comes to keeping food cravings under control as they not only accelerate fat oxidation but also control appetite, helping you develop healthier eating habits.

Lots of overweight people gain excess pounds because they eat when they’re bored, tired, nervous, anxious or excited about something. Others eat to fulfill their bodies’ needs after workouts but they often exceed the needed amount of calories, compromising all the efforts.

We can therefore conclude by saying choosing the right Ephedra pill is not an impossible task but requires a thorough research and a careful analyze of the ingredients included in the available formulas.  

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