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How much Ephedrine should I use for fat loss?

The recommended daily dose of Ephedrine/Ephedra for fat loss varies from one user to another, depending on the body weight, general health state and personal tolerance levels.

The general Ephedrine dosage guidance says the maximum amount of Ephedra alkaloids one should use in 24 hours is 75-100 mg, split into two or three servings. This quantity can be taken alone or mixed with Caffeine in EC stacks, for speeding up the weight loss process and getting the desired muscle tone faster.

If you haven’t used this ingredient before, it’s better to start with 2 servings of 8-12 mg of Ephedrine per day, just to see how your body reacts and tolerates this product. Unless you experience unpleasant side effects, you can progressively increase the daily dose until you reach 48 mg a day, meaning 2 servings of 24 mg or 3 servings of 16 mg of Ephedrine. This dose should be enough for people up to 200 lbs.

Users over 200 lbs may tolerate 3 daily doses of 24 mg of Ephedrine, but this amount is usually recommended to those interested not only in losing weight but also in building lean muscles and improving their physical endurance and stamina.

Still, you should take into consideration the fact that your organism may develop resistance to this drug when the intake is continued for more than 4 weeks in a row, so for proper results you should cycle the use of Ephedrine for fat loss.