Ephedra/Ephedrine FAQ

What is Ephedra?
Ephedra - scientifically called Ephedra sinica and often referred to as Ma Huang – is an evergreen plant with a pine-like scent, growing mostly in the arid areas of northern China and Inner Mongolia and used as the main natural source of ephedrine alkaloids... more 

What is Ephedra Sinica?
Ephedra Sinica (Ma Huang) is one of the species in the Ephedraceae family, an evergreen primitive shrub that grows in dry climates, mainly in the steppes of northwestern and north China but also in southwestern ... more 

What is Ma Huang?
Ma Huang is chinese name of the plant Ephedra Sinica a cone-bearing shrub native to China, one of the most known natural drugs used in traditional Asian medicine. The aboveground parts of this plant ... more 

What is Ephedra Viridis?
Ephedra Viridis (also called Green Ephedra or the Mormon Tea) is the less popular relative of Ephedra Sinica, a shrub native to the western part of the United States that has the appearance of a long needled... more 

What is Ephedrine?
Ephedrine is a powerful CNS stimulant, a naturally occurring alkaloid discovered by a Japanese scientist while studying the composition of the herb Ephedra sinica (also called Ma Huang in traditional Chinese medicine).... more 

What Are Ephedrine Alkaloids?
Ephedrine alkaloids are chemical compounds structurally related to amphetamines, found in the stems and leaves of Ephedra sinica together with tannins and other constituents.... more 

Is Ephedra Safe?
The safety of Ephedra has been intensely debated in the United States, this ingredient being reviewed and tested by several pharmaceutical groups, toxicologists with FDA expertise and independent experts for potential side effects.... more 

Is Ephedra Effective for Weight Loss?
Ephedra is considered one of the most effective ingredients in weight-loss supplements containing this active principle being used worldwide for its impressive ability of burning fats, boosting energy levels and speeding up the metabolic rate.... more 

What is the difference between Ephedrine sulfate and Ephedrine HCL?
Ephedrine sulfate and Ephedrine HCL are both used for weight-loss and muscle gain, they have similar health effects and they both contain the same active principle, as their names show it. Still, there is one difference... more 

How much Ephedrine should I use for fat loss?
The recommended daily dose of Ephedrine for fat loss varies from one user to another, depending on the body weight, general health state and personal tolerance levels.... more 

Can I use Ephedrine/Ephedra if taking medications?
You should always consult with your doctor before Ephedra/Ephedrine usage if you are taking medications!... more 

Which supplements would you recommend in addition to the Ephedrine/Ephedra?
Among the most recommended dietary supplements to take in addition to Ephedra-based products are multivitamin blends, creatine, fish oils and EGCG, all of them being important in sustaining a healthy weight loss and preventing nutritional deficiencies. .. more 

Can I take Ephedrine/Ephedra with other supplements?
Taking Ephedra/Ephedrine with other supplements is allowed as long as those supplements don’t contain stimulant ingredients or other active principles that can interact with this powerful fat burning agent. The only stimulant... more 

How do I take Ephedra/Ephedrine in relation to meals?
The results you get from using EC/ECA stacks or Ephedra diet pills aren’t so much influenced by the way you take Ephedra/Ephedrine in relation to meals and workouts. However, using these... more